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Purdue Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Guide


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Important Information

  1. This tool may be used by prospective or current students and their advisors or counselors. The top part allows you to enter your transfer courses to see the equivalency at Purdue West Lafayette.
    The bottom part allows you to look at possible transfer courses by the Purdue course.
  2. You are encouraged to use a Purdue West Lafayette degree plan as a companion tool. They are found in the university catalog.
  3. This tool is a real-time, exact replica of our internal credit evaluation system.
  4. Students at the regional campuses, Purdue Northwest and Purdue Fort Wayne, cannot use this tool. Your credit is Purdue-system credit and automatically becomes part of the Purdue record, so there is nothing to transfer.
    (Note: There is no need to send a transcript either if transferring from a regional campus.)
  5. We have another tool which may be beneficial, Purdue Equivalency Self-Service. It allows you to select a specific major, minor, and/or concentration and enter current and future transfer courses.
    The resulting report compares your work in our degree audit system showing how much you will need to complete to graduate from Purdue.
  6. Details about transfer credit may be found here.
  7. Please note course equivalencies are subject to review and may change at any time. Plan on reviewing your courses each semester.
  8. If you are an applicant or current student and you don't find the course or institution in the list, you may request an evaluation from transfercredit@purdue.edu.

Tool Tips

  1. For courses in US Territories, use US in the Location field.
  2. Some fields have an "ALL" option at the top. Use this if you wish a more comprehensive list.
  3. Unlike typical drop-downs, this tool is filtering behind the scenes to narrow your choices for the next selection. If you make a change to an early field, you will have to re-enter the data in the subsequent fields.
  4. At the end of each row is a Row button to clear all choices within the row.
  5. After each selection, the C button allows you to copy down all selections made prior to and including that field.

Create a Report by Transfer School Course

Location State/Country School Subject                 Course Clear

Create a Report by Purdue Course

Subject Course Location State/Country                 School Clear

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