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Spring 2024
Mar 04, 2024
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CS 44800 - Introduction To Relational Database Systems
Credit Hours: 3.00. An in-depth examination of relational database systems including theory and concepts as well as practical issues in relational databases. Modern database technologies such as object-relational and Web-based access to relational databases. Conceptual design and entity relationship modeling, relational algebra and calculus, data definition and manipulation languages using SQL, schema and view management, query processing and optimization, transaction management, security, privacy, integrity management.
0.000 OR 3.000 Credit hours

Syllabus Available
Levels: Graduate, Professional, Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Distance Learning, Lecture, Practice Study Observation
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Offered By: College of Science
Department: Computer Science

Course Attributes:
Upper Division

May be offered at any of the following campuses:     
      West Lafayette

Learning Outcomes: 1.  Learn data modeling: physical, logical and conceptual data models, the entity-relationship model. 2.  Study logical and Physical Design and interaction with operating systems, disk Storage, Basic File Structures, Hashing, Indexing. 3.  Learn the relational database model and implementation and performance issues. 4.  Understand transaction Processing, concurrency control, atomicity control and recovery control. 5.  Understand database privacy, integrity, and security. 6.  Understand data mining, data warehousing, online analytical processing, and information retrieval. 7.  Understand Cloud computing and Distributed Database Systems architectures, Big Data, Hadoop, MapReduce, and NoSQL. 8.  Recognize performance issues.

Must be enrolled in one of the following Programs:     
      Computer Science-BS

(Undergraduate level CS 25100 Minimum Grade of C or Undergraduate level CS 25300 Minimum Grade of C)

Short Title: Intro Relational Db Sy

Course Configurations:

Configuration 1: 3.0 Credits
Schedule Type Weekly Contact Hours Instructional Credit Distribution
Lecture 3 3.0
Practice Study Observation 2 0.0
Configuration 2: 3.0 Credits
Schedule Type Weekly Contact Hours Instructional Credit Distribution
Distance Learning 0 3.0
Practice Study Observation 0 0.0

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