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Fall 2020
Jul 23, 2024
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CS 57900 - Bioinformatics Algorithms
Credit Hours: 3.00. Review of Genomes, DNA, RNA, proteins, proteomes. Biological Sequences: dynamic programming; pairwise global, local, and semi-global alignments of genes and proteins; constant, affine, and general gap penalties; RNA alignments; BLOSUM and PAM scoring matrices. Multiple alignment of proteins: approximation algorithms; iterative and progressive alignment methods. Database search for sequences: BLAST and variants. Phylogentic Trees: distance-based methods, ultrametric and additive distance functions; parsimony, and maximum likelihood methods. Whole Genome Alignment: suffix trees and suffix arrays. Systems Biology: Module discovery in biological networks, spectral algorithms for graph clustering. Network alignment: quadratic programming formulations and graph matching. Genetic Variation: haplotype inference, the perfect phylogeny problem and chordal graphs. Additional topics such as next-generation sequencing, analysis of multidimensional data from flow cytometry, and gene expression data, if time permits. Typically offered Fall.
3.000 Credit hours

Syllabus Available
Levels: Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional
Schedule Types: Distance Learning, Lecture
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Offered By: College of Science
Department: Computer Science

Course Attributes:
Upper Division

May be offered at any of the following campuses:     
      West Lafayette

Learning Outcomes: 1. Students will learn how to design algorithms. 2. Students will learn how to solve computational problems from the new biology, the data-rich field that biological sciences is becoming.

May not be enrolled as the following Classifications:     
      Freshman: 15 - 29 hours
      Sophomore: 45 - 59 hours
      Freshman: 0 - 14 hours
      Sophomore: 30 - 44 hours

GR-CS 57900 Requisites

General Requirements:

Student Attribute: GR
May not be taken concurrently.  )
Course or Test: CS 38100
Minimum Grade of D-
May not be taken concurrently. )

Short Title: Bioinformatics Algorithms

Course Configurations:

Configuration 1: 3.0 Credits
Schedule Type Weekly Contact Hours Instructional Credit Distribution
Lecture 3 3.0
Configuration 2: 3.0 Credits
Schedule Type Weekly Contact Hours Instructional Credit Distribution
Distance Learning 0 3.0

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