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Fall 2020
Jan 25, 2021
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STAT 52800 - Introduction To Mathematical Statistics
Credit Hours: 3.00. Distribution of mean and s2 in normal samples, sampling distributions derived from the normal distribution, Chi square, t and F. Distribution of statistics based on ordered samples. Asymptotic sampling distributions. Introduction to multivariate normal distribution and linear models. Sufficient statistics, maximum likelihood, least squares, linear estimation, other methods of point estimation, and discussion of their properties, Cramer-Rao inequality and Rao-Blackwell theorem. Tests of statistical hypotheses, simple and composite hypotheses, likelihood ratio tests, power of tests. Typically offered Fall Spring.
3.000 Credit hours

Levels: Graduate, Professional, Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Distance Learning, Lecture
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Offered By: College of Science
Department: Statistics

Course Attributes:
Upper Division

May be offered at any of the following campuses:     
      PU Fort Wayne
      West Lafayette

May not be enrolled as the following Classifications:     
      Sophomore: 45 - 59 hours
      Sophomore: 30 - 44 hours
      Freshman: 0 - 14 hours
      Freshman: 15 - 29 hours

GR-STAT 51900 Course

General Requirements:

Student Attribute: GR
May not be taken concurrently.  )
Course or Test: STAT 51900
Minimum Grade of D-
May not be taken concurrently.  )
Course or Test: MA 51900
Minimum Grade of D-
May not be taken concurrently. )

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