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Fall 2014
Nov 30, 2021
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ECE 26600 - Digital Logic Design
Credit Hours: 3.00. Introduction to logic design, with emphasis on practical design techniques and circuit implementation. Topics include Boolean algebra; theory of logic functions; mapping techniques and function minimization; logic equivalent circuits and symbol transformations; transistor-transistor-logic (TTL)/metal oxide semi-conductor (MOS) logic into gate implementations; electrical characteristics; propagation delays; signed number notations and arithmetic; binary and decimal arithmetic logic circuits; theory of sequential circuits; timing diagrams; analysis and synthesis of SR-, D-, T-, and JK-based sequential circuits; clock generation circuits; algorithmic state machine method of designing sequential circuits. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.
3.000 Credit hours

Levels: Graduate, Professional, Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Distance Learning, Lecture

Offered By: Regional Campus Only
Department: IUPUI Courses-IUPUI

Course Attributes:
Dept Credit, Lower Division

May be offered at any of the following campuses:     

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