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Fall 2024
Jul 13, 2024
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Syllabus Information
AGEC 53200 - World Food Problems
Associated Term: Fall 2024
Learning Outcomes: 1. Understand global food production and consumption, food trade and its history including: the major plants produced and consumed; where they are grown; patterns and extent of global food trade; major food animals and animal production systems; countries involved in food trade; urbanization and food transportation; and effects of post-harvest processing on food trade and availability. 2. Understand basics of world population growth and its relationship to past and future food production and consumption globally. 3. Understand what malnutrition looks like, where it occurs, how it is measured, and the interactions between malnutrition (both under nutrition and obesity) and human health. 4. Understand the basic economic principles that affect consumer food costs and consumption patterns globally. 5. Understand how culture, communication and politics influence food availability, world food problems and malnutrition. 6. Predict, based on available information, likely scenarios for the future of world food problems and malnutrition.
Required Materials:
Technical Requirements:

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