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Fall 2024
Jul 19, 2024
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Syllabus Information
AAE 54800 - Mechanical Behavior Of Aerospace Materials
Associated Term: Fall 2024
Learning Outcomes: 1. Express vector and tensor equations using indicial notation. 2. Express crystallography according to Miller indices and define slip systems in basic crystal structures. 3. Calculate and understand the physical basis of elastic anisotropy. 4. Understand, calculate, and use basic states of stress and yield criteria. 5. Define and understand the physical basis of point, line, and area defects in crystalline materials. 6. Calculate the strain fields, stress fields, and energy of dislocations, in addition forces between dislocations. 7. Understand dislocation motion as well as interactions between dislocations. 8. Resolve shear stress on slip systems during deformation of single crystals and calculate the velocity gradient. 9. Apply equilibrium and compatibility constraints to plastic flow of polycrystalline materials. 10. Understand origins of twinning, stacking faults, and the shape memory effects. 11. Understand physics and calculate strengthening influence of solutes, precipitates, grain boundaries, and strain hardening. 12. Understand physical origins of creep, calculate creep using Larson-Miller expressions, and use creep deformation mechanism map. 13. Understand origins of residual stress and apply to constrain problems. 14. Understand and apply statistical approaches to identify probability of failure and property variations. 15. Define and classify polymer structures. 16. Understand viscoelasticity and calculate behavior using classical models. 17. Distinguish physical mechanisms of polymer deformation, crazing, and fracture. 18. Express stiffness and strength of fiber reinforced composite structures.
Required Materials:
Technical Requirements:

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