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Syllabus Information


Fall 2019
May 24, 2024
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Information Use this page to maintain syllabus information, learning objectives, required materials, and technical requirements for the course.

Syllabus Information
CS 19300 - Tools
Associated Term: Fall 2019
Learning Outcomes: 1. Understand Unix/Linux commands for navigating directories and files and manipulating files and folders. 2. Understand terminal commands for searching and input/output redirection. 3. Understand shells such as sh, csh, ksh, tcsh, bash, zsh. 4. Understand debugging via print statements and general debugger concepts. 5. Understand version control via Git and Github, source control, workflow, commit, collaboration, pull, push, create and pushing a new repository, cloning, branches, merging, and conflicts. 6. Understand vim including mouseless navigation, normal/insert mode, copy/paste, search/replace, and saving/quitting.
Required Materials:
Technical Requirements:

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