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Spring 2016
Apr 20, 2024
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Syllabus Information
IT 54000 - Biometric Performance And Usability Analysis
Associated Term: Spring 2016
Learning Outcomes: 1. Understand the operation of biometric systems. 2. Understand how people use biometric systems in operational settings (both controlled and uncontrolled). 3. Understand traditional technology, scenario, and operational testing methodologies. 4. Understand traditional ergonomic and usability testing methodologies. 5. Understand and analyze the limitations of biometric systems. 6. Understand basics of quantitative and qualitative research. 7. Evaluate the issues in designing a biometric system, including but not limited to: the impact of language and culture (instructions and symbols), ergonomics and anthropometrics (heights-angles, positioning), training and habituation or accessibility, affordance, and perception. 8. Interpret results from reports on: biometric technologies evaluation methods, ergonomic and usability methods, and statistical methods. 9. Appraise and critically evaluate prior scenario and operational test reports and case studies of biometric technologies to examine where the application of Human-Biometric Sensor Interaction principles, such as usability, human factors, and ergonomics could have provided additional data on system performance. 10. Transfer knowledge and understanding of usability, ergonomic, and usability evaluation methodologies to the testing and evaluate biometric devices and systems. 11. Establish a test methodology and collect data using a Human-Biometric Sensor Interaction based methodology (usability, ergonomic, human factors) to investigate a current problem facing industry. 12. Perform the appropriate data analysis and report findings in a report. 13. Students will produce final reports, conference papers, etc., based on their course project.
Required Materials:
Technical Requirements:

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