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The following is a list of required and optional materials for this course. This information is subject to change.

Causal Inference-Adv Mach Lrng - 18104 - CS 59000 - Lecture

    OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: ISBN: 9781119186847 -- Causal Inference in Statistics
    Author: Judea Pearl,Madelyn Glymour,Nicholas P. Jewell
    Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
    Notes: Recommended

    OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: ISBN: 9780521895606 -- Causality
    Author: Judea Pearl
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press
    Notes: Strongly recommended

    OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: ISBN: 9780262013192 -- Probabilistic Graphical Models
    Author: Daphne Koller,Nir Friedman,Francis Bach
    Publisher: MIT Press
    Notes: Recommended

    OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: ISBN: 9780262193986 -- Reinforcement Learning
    Author: Richard S. Sutton,Andrew G. Barto,Co-Director Autonomous Learning Laboratory Andrew G Barto,Francis Bach
    Publisher: MIT Press
    Notes: Recommended

    OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: ISBN: 9780465097609 -- The Book of Why
    Author: Judea Pearl,Dana Mackenzie
    Publisher: Basic Books
    Notes: Recommended

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