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Summer 2019
Jun 18, 2024
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Programming In C - 24238 - CS 24000 - L02

For this offering of CS 24000 you must enroll in schedule types:
Laboratory (LAB) Lecture (LEC)

CRN Sec Type Cred Cap Act Rem Days Time Dates Location Instructor Notes
Choose one of these Laboratory sections:
24238 L02 LAB 0 21 21 MW 1:00-2:50pm Jun10-Jul30 LWSN B148 Jiang, N
24239 L01 LAB 0 21 15 6 TR 11:00-12:50pm Jun10-Jul30 LWSN B148 Davari, M
28460 L03 LAB 0 21 22 TR 1:00-2:50pm Jun10-Jul30 LWSN B148 Rajamani Vimalarani, S
10433 L04 LAB 0 Not available for web registration TR 3:20-5:10pm Jun10-Jul30 LWSN B148 TBA
10434 L05 LAB 0 Not available for web registration MW 11:00-12:50pm Jun10-Jul30 LWSN B148 TBA
    And choose one of these Lecture sections:
24240 LE1 LEC 3 63 58 5 MTWR 9:50-10:40am Jun10-Jul30 LWSN B155 Park, K

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